Top 10 Tips for Space Heater Safety

Top 10 Tips for Space Heater Safety

December 07, 2022

Space heaters are a common way for people to keep themselves and their homes warm if their furnace is not working properly, but they can have the potential to create a serious fire hazard if they are not used correctly. Stay safe with these 10 safety tips from American Modern!

1.) Don’t Combust!
Make sure your heater is a safe distance from combustibles.

2.) Think Small!
Don’t try to heat large spaces.

3.) No Cords!
Only use extension cords if absolutely necessary.

4.) Get Out of the Way!
Keep your heater where no one can trip over it.

5.) Cool Then Refuel!
Never add fuel to a hot heater.

6.) Fix the Frayed!
Inspect your cord and don’t use if damaged.

7.) Be on the Level!
Always keep heaters on level surfaces.

8.) Dry Up!
Typically, heaters should only be used in dry areas.

9.) Look for Labels!
Make sure you see Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on it.

10.) Don’t be Fuelish!
Only use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. No exceptions!