Tips for Including Pets in Your Emergency Plan!

Tips for Including Pets in Your Emergency Plan!

November 14, 2022


If you have pets, are you prepared to protect them in case of an emergency?

Here are some tips for including pets in your emergency plan!

1. Put rescue stickers on your window or door.
These can be obtained for FREE from the ASPCA.

2. Do not wait to plan.
There is no time like the present. Start today!

3. Pets get scared very easily in a storm.
Have a personal pet plan for keeping them calm, and have their carrier ready if you must flee!

4. Have at least two evacuation routes planned.
Remember, we are in PA, so road construction is always a possibility. Having a local map couldn't hurt either.

5. Make sure your pet’s collar or tag is current and readable.
How is your insurance? Is it current and legible?

6. Make sure to have a pet emergency supply kit nearby and accessible.
That includes any medicine they may need, food, treats, water, a warm blanket, and don’t forget their food bowls!

7. Pack their current vaccine records.
Paper is important. What if they get hurt?

8. Is it pet-friendly where you are planning to evacuate to?
Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies these days, so it's best to think about where to go beforehand.

9. What if you’re not home?
What’s next? Make sure you have a few friends or family members that can reach your pets and get them somewhere safe. Do they know where your pet emergency supply kit is? Let them know ahead of time.

10. Can all of your pets fit in your vehicle?
It’s important to know this BEFORE an emergency.

11. If you are sheltering in place, don’t let them outside alone.
They could get hurt! If you can, try to pick an area in your home to hunker down with your family and furry friends.

We would never leave our little guy behind, and neither would you!

Let’s go over your insurance needs NOW! Sooner is always better.

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